Oprah and Elizabeth Lesser


Oprah welcomed Elizabeth Lesser, best-selling author of The Seeker’s Guide and Broken Open and co-founder of Omega Institute, to Super Soul Sunday.

Having read Broken Open several times, I was looking forward to gaining more insights about surviving and thriving during difficult times. I was especially interested in hearing about Elizabeth’s experiences during a very challenging 2013. In her introduction, Oprah commented that Elizabeth could have written an epilogue to Broken Open based upon that transformative year.

A bit of history…

Seven years ago, Elizabeth’s younger sister, Maggie, was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. After six years in remission, the cancer returned in 2013. The last resort for Maggie was high risk bone marrow operation.

When Elizabeth discovered she was the best match, she educated herself about the process and decided to purify her cells of any bad intentions. She wanted to be in a place of love and acceptance before undergoing the five-hour operation.

With the help of a wonderful therapist, the two sisters addressed prickly issues and were able to heal old wounds.

The experience of the stem cell transplant was a holy one and gave Elizabeth the courage to come through more fully into her own skin.

In the second part of the telecast, Oprah and Elizabeth discussed aging gracefully. A timely topic for Oprah on the eve of her 60th birthday (the day of the taping). As a fellow sister in her sixties, Elizabeth has embraced her role as elder and plans to be there for people who are coming up.

Quotable Quotes…

All holy and difficult experiences are there to transform us.

Life is always giving us opportunities to either break open into the mystery or to shut down.

Who we are with each other, what we say, how we show up. It’s everything.

Your soul is covered by a thousand veils. Spiritual work is about uncovering your soul—peeling back all those veils.

For some people, prayer is a tremendous “veil buster”. For others, it may be meditation or nature or music.

Love your fate. It’s the best way to remove some of those veils.

Look for a way to lift someone up. If that’s all you do, it’s enough.

The soul is like a quiet music inside. A quiet, beautiful song that you were given to sing here on Earth.

You can stay awake by staying aware of your effect on other people and on the world.

We resist change but then it turns into an adventure.


3 responses to “Oprah and Elizabeth Lesser

  1. I also liked the quote about peeling back all those veils. It’s so easy to keep adding another layer of veils and never truly experience our authentic selves. Thanks for dropping by, Christy. 🙂

  2. Joanne, I too read Broken Open as well as The Seeker’s Guide and love seeing your succinct and powerful synopsis of the Elizabeth Lesser episode. I especially love her quote “Your soul is covered by a thousand veils. Spiritual work is about uncovering your soul—peeling back all those veils.” What a great visual for each soul’s journey! Thank you for continuing to share your perspective on these broadcasts.

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