Movie Review: Enough Said

This witty and light-hearted romantic comedy that is probably more “dramadey” features two wonderful performances by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini.

Eva (Dreyfus) and Albert (Gandolfini) are divorced, single parents dreading their daughters’ impending departures for college. They meet at a party where both confess they are not remotely attracted to any of the guests. In spite of this initial ambivalence, Eva and Albert start dating. At the same party, Eva meets and adds a divorced poet (Catherine Keener) to the roster of clients for her masseuse practice.

As an unlikely and often awkward relationship blossoms between Eva and Albert, we see another side of Gandolfini, one that was absent in his former role as Tony Soprano. As Albert, he is thoughtful and caring, willing to drop everything to please others. Eva is charmed, but still reticent about making a full commitment, and when she discovers that Marianne (Keener) is Albert’s ex-wife, she starts picking at the budding relationship.

I loved the acting and dialogue in this well-paced movie and hated to see “The End” flash across the screen. Thoughts of a sequel came to mind, but it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find another Albert. Had he lived, Gandolfini could have enjoyed a second career as a rom-con king.


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