Keep Dreaming But Take Action…

Welcome to my Second Acts Series!

Today, we have Marcy Field talking about dreams, transitions and ethical leadership.

Here’s Marcy!


In the early 70s, my original venture at university was studying social work and theatre based on a desire and vision for community outreach and development. I didn’t complete my studies and instead went to work first for the federal government and then onto the nonprofit sector. Later, most of corporate career was in commercial real estate development. Then I was provided the opportunity to return to university. Parenting two teenagers and having just turned 40, I headed back to study Marketing and Communications. While there, I was introduced to Adult Learning and met Ann Perodeau, the woman who became my mentor. I believe, this was the first time in my life that someone saw and really encouraged me to pursue my talents and interests in a manner that was meaningful to me. The things that I was learning reignited a desire to see a stronger, more open leadership style rather than a controlling, bullying environment that often failed to recognize and develop much of the talent within its ranks. Ann challenged me to shift direction and aided in the transition by being a sounding board and providing introductions to others in her network.

All this took place at the right time as changes were occurring in the organizational structure of the corporation I was employed by. This led to the shifting of our department’s work to Toronto and provided me with a severance package making the final decision much easier. That was twelve years ago. I am grateful for the people I’ve met and the work experiences during this time, things that would never have occurred had I remained where I was. I’ve travelled extensively throughout rural Alberta and Saskatchewan, cementing my love and appreciation for country living, something this city girl never thought would happen. I also had the pleasure of working on an international project and started my career as a writer and columnist.

My passion for ethical leadership continues to grow and thanks to the evolution of social media, I’m finding and connecting with individuals who share a similar vision and commitment. It is exciting to not only watch this unfold but to be a part of it. My desire is to see more women moving in their strengths, sharing their insights and competencies, particularly in the field of politics. History confirms the difference this makes.

Change begins with a desire and conversations get it moving.


That conversation may initially be internal, but receives affirmation and life when shared with our confidants enabling us to touch a larger community, as our thoughts become actions. A couple of years ago, I began asking a variety of people if they were living their childhood dreams. I wanted them to reflect on how much of their current career and/or personal life was what they had desired. The results of this non-scientific study were encouraging as the overwhelming majority, to varying degrees, was in fact living the dream. Age is no longer a deterrent. So if you can’t make waves, make ripples. They also create change.

Most of us are truly unaware of how much difference we make when we act on our beliefs. Doors open and dreams do become reality. Always be mindful of what is taking place in your life. Grab hold of opportunities. Make the most of each moment and every encounter. You never know where it will take you.

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Joanne here!

Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey and reminding us to grab hold of all opportunities. You are an excellent role model for women of all ages.


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