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Today, we have Becky Lower talking about “Do Overs” and her latest book, Blame It on the Brontes.

Here’s Becky!

beckylowerWhen you were a kid and something didn’t go as planned, wasn’t it great to be able to yell “Do Over” and fix whatever the problem had been? If only the big flubs in life were so simple to fix.

That’s what second chance romances are all about. The heroes and heroines are usually a bit older than standard fare romances. This isn’t their first rodeo, and they have lived long enough to have some flubs and skeletons in their closets. If you made the wrong choice with a lover from long ago and have always regretted it, or if someone in your past did you wrong and put you off from trying a new relationship, second chance romances are tailor-made for you.

In my book, Blame It On The Brontes, there’s a lot of trouble in the Bronson household, and it’s not just between the women and their men. It’s also a tale about three sisters, whose childish behavior during a family crisis twenty years prior had serious ramifications on where their lives are today. Their mother, in her infinite wisdom, crafted her will so the sisters would have to confront their self-imposed demons in order to gain control of the family fortune. They have to come back to their childhood home and live together for one year.


The story is a three-act structure, with each sister getting her moment to shine. Charlotte and her long-time love, Gray, haven’t been able to mend the rift that happened long ago, when, in a moment of desperation after her father’s funeral, she called off her engagement to Gray unless he quit being a fisherman, since the sea had taken her father. Charlotte thinks Gray took the opportunity to sleep with Annie, her younger and vivacious sister. Annie has been encouraging that thinking for years.

Emily’s husband was killed while serving on the USS Cole. Her next relationship ended in failure, after she invested five years with the man. So, she’s come home to lick her wounds and act as referee between her sisters. What she doesn’t count on is her childhood friend being all grown up and studly.

Annie is a twice-married stage actress who never quite made it out of the chorus line. She knows Charlotte was responsible for getting rid of the love of Annie’s young life, and she has tormented Charlotte for years, letting her think the worst of Gray. And of Annie. What Annie really wants is the love of her sisters, which she used to have when they were younger. And a good man to be beside her.

So, if you’re in the mood for second chance romances, grab a book in this sub-genre and settle in for a good read. You might just be inspired to yell “Do Over.”


As is the case with most writers, Becky Lower began to write stories as soon as she could figure out how to put pen to paper. Her career got off to a rocky start, though, because she was a defiant teenager. A Journalism teacher in high school told her she should become a writer, so she went in a totally opposite direction, majoring in International Studies for her first two years of college, nearly flunking out in the process. It wasn’t until she switched over to an English/Journalism major that her grades improved. So, she owes a much-belated thank you to Mr. Tanner, who actually did know what he was talking about.

Today, Becky lives in an eclectic college town in Ohio with her puppy-mill rescue dog, Mary. She uses her love of history as an excuse to roam around old graveyards and Civil War battlefields, and to spend large chunks of time watching old westerns when she’s not writing romances.

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Joanne here!

I love reinvention stories and the Brontes. This book is at the top of my TBR list. Thanks for dropping by, Becky.


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