Never, Never, Never Give Up!

The theme of my upcoming novel, Between Land and Sea, is one of reinvention. Over the next two months, I plan to devote at least one post a week to this topic. In addition to sharing my own experiences, I will also feature other successful second acts.

joannefromcindyI am honored to welcome my first guest, JoAnne Myers.

Here’s JoAnne!

My adulthood began like many young women’s do; I became a wife and mother. I loved that role, but children leave the nest. I found myself with much too much time on my hands and sank into my first passion–art.

Over the years as my family grew, I wrote poetry and short stories–never completely severing my love for writing. I always had plenty of paper and pens on hand, and collected paints and brushes, anticipating the time I would be serious enough to actually start my painting career. My children and grandchildren knew of my love for the arts, and there was no surprise when I wrote seven books and decorated my home with dozens of paintings.

croppedpoetryI now have a four-book contract with Melange Books and my true crime biography, “The Crime of the Century,” is involved in a tug-of-war with four publishing companies interested in publishing it.

My advice for others is to never give up on your dreams. Life might get in the way, but keep your love for art always at arm’s length. No matter what heartaches life threw at me, I always believed in family values and following my dreams.

Where to find JoAnne…

Website | Blog | Amazon

Joanne here again!

Always enjoy meeting other Joannes or JoAnnes, especially creative ones.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story, JoAnne. Best of luck with all your creative endeavors.



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    • Hi Magda, Cindy Carroll featured JoAnne on her Guelph Write Now blog. I was impressed by JoAnne’s journey and invited her to post on my blog. I thought it would be an excellent way to launch my Second Acts series.

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