Oprah and Dr. Maya Angelou


On yesterday’s Super Soul Sunday, Oprah sat down with Dr. Maya Angelou. At age 85, this gifted literary mother, grandmother and great-grandmother is still taking the world by storm.

Her latest memoir, Mom & Me & Mom, focuses on the deep spiritual connection between Dr. Angelou and her beautiful mother Vivian Baxter. A spitfire with a larger than life presence, Baxter loved and encouraged her daughter throughout her life. Dr. Angelou is grateful for the love she received from her mother, grandmother and son. She strongly believes that kind of love heals the wounds left by a larger society.

Best advice she received—Forgive

Best advice she gave—Have a pristine place deep inside that no one else can touch

Definition of God—All

Definition of Soul—The spirit that longs for All

Quotable Quotes…

Nobody makes it alone.

I had a lot of clouds, but I have had so many rainbows in my clouds.

Thriving is elegant.

Religion is only the map. Spirituality is surrender.

The caged bird sings because it must.


3 responses to “Oprah and Dr. Maya Angelou

  1. I have this episode waiting for me in my TiVo queue. I’m happy to report your post is more a teaser than a spoiler. Maya Angelou has such presence and grace, what an inspiring woman! Thanks for sharing what resonated.

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