Dealing with the Monster Moon


Usually, I skim over my horoscope, smiling or frowning at the message and then promptly forget the specifics. But this past week has been different. Each day, the message has referred to the potent “monster moon” that is passing through this evening.

What is a monster moon?

It is the full moon that occurs when several planets meet at hard angles. Tonight, as the moon grows full, Venus, Mars and Uranus will form an approximate right angle to Pluto. While all of this is invisible to the naked eye, there is concern about the potent tug of war between these feisty planets.

What does that mean?

The annual full moon in Libra signals an increase in proposals and handshakes. That may not be not the case today. Some astrologers are predicting more shouting than listening, especially in circumstances involving weak relationships and unclear goals. Several horoscopes have hinted that the impact of this powerful moon could be felt over a longer period, four days before and four days after March 27th.

What can we do?

Strengthen those weak relationships…Firm up those goals…Don’t go looking for trouble.



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