Movie Review: To Rome With Love

With the eternal city as backdrop and a cast of A-list actors, Woody Allen succeeds in creating a magical kingdom where anything is possible.

Using both languages, we follow two relationships involving Italians and two relationships with Americans in Rome.

When a newlywed couple is separated, the man becomes involved with a call girl (Penelope Cruz) while the woman pursues her own romantic fantasy. Roberto Begnini stars as a clerk who wakes up one day and discovers he is the most famous man in Rome.

A famous architect (Alec Baldwin) drops in on a young student (Jesse Eisenberg) and his ménage a trois with a girlfriend and a femme fatale (Ellen Page). After a young New Yorker falls in love with a successful Roman layer, her parents (Woody Allen and Judy Davis) cross the ocean to meet the in-laws. Obsessed with retirement and death, the Woody Allen character orchestrates a bizarre production.

Woody Allen has proven again that he can write, direct and act in a film that appeals to a wide audience.

Simply delightful from start to finish.


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