Movie Review: Hope Springs

After watching the trailer, I assumed there would be many humorous moments as heavyweights Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones paired up in Hope Springs.

I was disappointed.

While there were lighter moments, for the most part, the movie is a serious drama about marital conflict.

Kay (Streep) and Arnold (Jones) have just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary with a new cable TV subscription. Their lives in Omaha have settled into a dull routine, where they co-exist in separate bedrooms. Desperate to recapture the passion in the marriage, Kay signs the couple up for an intensive week-long marriage therapy course in Maine.

In Maine, the couple meets with Dr. Feld (Steve Carrell) who serves as a sounding board for the couple. He guides them through a serious of exercises and asks pointed questions that lead to a breakthrough. This breakthrough, however, is only the beginning of the long road back to intimacy for Kay and Arnold.

Hope Springs has been described as the perfect date movie—if you’ve been married for a while.



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