Oprah and Michael Singer

Yesterday, on Super Soul Sunday, Oprah introduced spiritual teacher Michael Singer to her viewers.

In 2005, Michael Singer was indicted in a massive government fraud case against his software company. The investigation went on for six years, during which time Singer wrote The Untethered Soul.  While the situation was a stressful one, Singer never lost his inner peace and calm.

When asked about his spiritual journey, Singer described the deep inner awakening he experienced while completing his doctorate in economics. He became intensely aware of that inner voice that constantly narrates all the events of our lives. He realized that the voice talks incessantly because there is some inner turmoil which has not been resolved.

Throughout the interview, Oprah referred to passages from different chapters in the book. In the chapter “Removing Your Inner Thorn,” Singer addresses the two choices we all have when addressing pain. We can devote valuable energy to avoiding this pain or we can take out the thorn.

Singer stresses that it is not necessary to work out all our issues. If we can quiet that inner voice and open ourselves to more possibilities, we will bring peace to the table and spread it everywhere.

Quotable Quotes…

You will find in every situation in life, there’s a higher way to deal with it.

You will stay lost if you do not separate who you are from who you are not.

Relax and lean away from a situation. Give it room to pass through.

We’re either walking in the direction of love or the direction of fear.

True freedom is freedom from yourself.

Your time is limited and you should be using it for something meaningful.

Death makes us all the same. Are we going to wait for death to teach us that?


3 responses to “Oprah and Michael Singer

  1. Thanks for dropping by, Avary. I also find it difficult to follow spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle who talk about staying in the moment. Michael Singer seems a little different, more left brain in his approach. I look forward to reading his book.

    • Yes, yes… exactly what I thought. (You have a knack/skill for gaining insight and then articulating it.) Tolle difficult for me to “get”, but I was able to understand Michael Singer a bit better and am thinking of getting the book.

  2. Watched that show… still trying to totally get it… find myself wanting to argue points with all these self-help people and Oprah, guess that means I don’t totally “get it”, but I am trying… I think you wrote a great summary of the interview and I will be taking note of the quotable quotes you listed.. thanks for the excellent synopsis!

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