Many Winding Roads to Success

Another Canadian success story!

Pamela Callow’s writing journey started at age eight when she decided that she wanted to write as well as read books. That spark was fanned by a terrific English teacher in junior high, but Callow chose a more practical career path. She studied law and later completed a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

After having her children, she stayed home and quickly discovered she needed a creative outlet.  She revisited her old passion and wrote a historical novel. While editors expressed an interest in the book, it did not make it past the Acquisitions level.  Undaunted, she decided to shelve the book and switch genres. Using her background in corporate law and interest in horrific crimes, Callow penned Damaged, the first in the Kate Lange crime-thriller series. Since then, she has written two other books, Indefensible and Tattooed.

Callow describes her road to publication as “bumpy, long, and littered with rejection letters. It took eight years, many contest entries, even more revisions, and two completed manuscripts to get published.” She sold Damaged by pitching it to an editor at a conference in Surrey, British Columbia.

Her advice to aspiring authors…

“One thing I have learned is that being rejected doesn’t mean that particular door is forever closed. Persistence is key. So is self-improvement. If you can combine the two, you’ll very likely succeed.”