At Fair November

On Friday, I crossed the 30K threshold on my NaNoWriMo manuscript, A Different Kind of Reunion. To reward myself, I decided to visit the 42nd Annual Fair November Craft Show at the University of Guelph.

I spent a pleasant afternoon visiting the booths of over eighty artisans showcasing traditional and modern Canadian handmade crafts. Every craft imaginable–pottery, kiln fired glass, copper and enamel accessories, hand-felted clothing, metal work, beeswax candles, wooden toys–and some I had never encountered before–recycled granite accessories, up-cycled ladies clothing, vegan handbags.

And the gourmet food products!








8 responses to “At Fair November

  1. Oh MY GOODness – how much fun this looked!!! I love a reward ( and bribery!) so, well done. And congratulations of your NaNo victory so far!!! Well done, indeed.

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