Prose and Cons in Brantford

L-R Fred Thursfield, Catherine Astolfo, Rick Blechta, Joanne Guidoccio, Scott Stockdale

L-R Fred Thursfield, Catherine Astolfo, Rick Blechta, Joanne Guidoccio, Scott Stockdale

Can a crime writer go too far?

This was the theme of Saturday’s panel discussion on “Prose and Cons” in Brantford, Ontario. I participated, along with four other published mystery and crime authors: Catherine Astolfo, Rick Blechta, Scott Stockdale, and Fred Thursfield.

The hour-long discussion flew by as we answered thought-provoking questions about the perils of presenting perfect crimes, morally appropriate happy endings, and our own personal boundaries regarding writing choices. We also welcomed questions from the audience.

Thanks to Programs and Outreach Coordinator Robin Harding for organizing this event, one of six in the Mystery Month series at the Brantford Public Library.

9 responses to “Prose and Cons in Brantford

    • Hi Noelle, Thanks for dropping by. These are the questions sent by Robin Harding (librarian) prior to the panel discussion:
      When choosing your audience and marketing your books, how important is it to address or indicate political, religious, or other type of bias?
      While detailed criminal knowledge may be necessary to make your writing accurate or believable, do you worry about either inspiring or ‘instructing’ criminal behavior?
      When writing about or using material based on true and/or identifiable events, how concerned are you about libel or privacy for the persons depicted?
      When writing about the darker aspects of human nature, how important is it to have a morally appropriate “happy ending”, and what does that mean to you?

      • Hi Joanne! Thanks for these questions -they are deep and nuanced and great to stimulate a discussion. May I purloin them? I’m thinking of organizing an author event for the UNC alumni center to see if I can stimulate sales for me and some colleagues!

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