Mondays for Mermaids

Today, I’m launching a series to honor those fascinating creatures that have enchanted humankind for centuries. A life-long fan, I’ve written two books (and am planning a third) about the mermaids of the Mediterranean Kingdom.

In Between Land and Sea, I introduced an overweight, middle-aged ex-mermaid who uses a magic tablet to reinvent herself. I continue her story in The Coming of Arabella, and add a psychological twist: a mermaid sister who is somewhere on the Narcissist/Sociopath continuum.

Over the coming weeks, I will focus on different aspects of the mermaid psyche, history, and lifestyle.

I’ll start with Mermaid History.

mermaidhistoryIn Greek mythology, Sirens had beautiful voices and cruel hearts. Many less-than-enchanting stories have been written about Sirens distracting mariners and causing them to walk off decks or run their ships aground. More spiteful Sirens would not hesitate to squeeze the life out of men and drown them.

In Homerโ€™s Odyssey, Odysseus went to great lengths to avoid being seduced by the hypnotic music of the Sirens. He ordered his men to stuff balls of wax into their ears while approaching the Sirensโ€™ island off the coast of Greece. And he tied himself to the shipโ€™s mast so he would not be able to jump off, swim to shore or do anything that would endanger his own life or that of the crewmen. According to Greek legend, Odysseus is the only man in the world who actually heard the Sirens sing and lived to tell about it.

I discovered this four-minute short on YouTube. Mermaid enthusiasts will recognize scenes from the the movies Odyssey and Splash. The background music is Caribbean Blue from Enya.


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16 responses to “Mondays for Mermaids

  1. Brilliant title! I enjoyed Millie Johnson’s quirky take on this topic in ‘It’s Raining Men’. Also the T-shirt which says ‘Always be yourself, and if you can’t be yourself, be a mermaid.’

  2. Reblogged this on voyagernx1 and commented:
    There were two documentaries or “mocumentaries” on the animal Planet about mermaids. Or as my wife and I prefer to call them, “aquatic humans.” Very interesting and food for deep thought.

  3. Such a cool topic! The only mermaid I’ve herd know about is Ariel from the Little Mermaid. These ladies will be fun to learn more about.

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