The Adventures Never End

Welcome to my Second Acts Series!

Today, we have soul-preneur Heather Embree sharing her spiritual journey.

Here’s Heather!

heatherembreeIf you had asked me ten years ago if I would be a professional psychic, spiritual healer and soul coach, I would have never believed you. Back then I was in Toronto, working as an administrator and coordinator for various arts and human rights organizations. I had a stirring inside of me that I knew there was more to life than sitting at desks and debating about the trials and tribulations in the world. I had a spark of creativity, joy and compassion in my being that wasn’t being quenched. I also had a curiousity about the spiritual dimension and knew that I wasn’t listening to this part of me.

One day, when I looked up at the apartment I was living in on Bloor Street West (above a Bridal Store at that), working as a temp for the Ministry of Attorney General, I knew that I was completely out of alignment with my inner dreams and truth. I had managed to live a lie and was quickly going into the quicksand of the superficial modern lifestyle that I used to adamantly avoid. I was a woman who never wanted to marry, have kids or follow a traditional path. I saw myself as a feminist, a renegade, a person who wasn’t afraid to shake up the norm. I had mystical dreams, a love for people and the Earth, was an advocate for conscious consumerism and social justice issues. The bridal gowns and the culture that adores them was the anti-thesis of everything I stood for. I had to make a change.

So I packed up my life in Toronto, aimed to live at least 6 months in a beautiful city called Oaxaca in Mexico, where they revere artists, poets and anyone in alignment with the soul. They appreciated culture, food, bright colours, music, and have a strong faith in something greater. My dream was to live there, but I just couldn’t manage it. So instead, I immersed myself, escaped from my language and cultural influences and allowed myself to walk with trust, faith and guidance in my heart.


Oaxaca is known throughout Mexico to be mystical and magical, and indeed it was. People knew there were illusions behind the poverty and suffering and that there was truth in creativity and goodness. Even in the face of political corruption, violence and everything we hear Mexico to be, there is a heartbeat that lives there so strongly. It as there that my faith in deeper love, synchronicity, and good-hearted people opened up, and I had profound dreams and experiences. I had spiritual visions, cosmic jokes and divine protection throughout my journey. I knew that underneath all of the chaos and busy-ness of life, love and the soul are the Truth, and it was each person’s journey to connect to and live from that place within. When I returned to Canada, I was forever changed. I had faced the greatest loneliness, fears, shadow side of myself and humanity and came out alive and with an entirely different approach to life. I now value relationship over ambition, spiritual guidance over human agendas, and miracles over logic. I see people’s hearts in an entirely different way and know that kindness comes in many forms and faces. I have a gratitude for the people I meet, the food I eat and the doors that open up beyond my expectations. With this perspective, I have allowed the flow of life and love to take over me and this is what led me to where I am now.

For the last 4 years, I have been a professional soul coach, energy healer, intuitive/psychic medium. Every step of the way and every day, I tune into what I need to do next, what it is I need to change. It has not been easy to listen to the soul and the spirit guidance, because we are often called to have to make major changes in our outer life, even our relationships. The experience of change and loss is difficult to bear but my heart has come to know there is wisdom and protection and greater things when I allow the natural order to take its course. So long as I listen and show a willingness to act, I trust that I will be supported in where I need to be, how to serve the greater love and movement needed in the world and ensure I’m in line with the Higher Wisdom. I’ve started support groups, had to learn about the nature of abuse, facilitated healing circles, been to sweat lodges and even ended up doing readings in Washington, DC.


The adventures never end when one is willing to open up to Spiritual Guidance. The trick is gulping, breathing and diving it. I love the analogy that a baby in the womb feels like the end is insight as it gets bigger and bigger and the womb is more uncomfortable. It has no idea what to expect on the other side of life’s experience. This is how I see the adventure of life and death and everything in between. When you know deep in yourself nothing truly ends, love, creativity, authentic living is the Truth of the Universe, then you will be entirely supported in your journey to a new life that makes you happy. The greatest thing you can do is to take time off, listen to your soul, hear what your gifts are and what you feel called to do and be. And reach out to make those dreams happen.


Heather Embree is a soul-preneur in Guelph, ON, who is inspired to help women recover from heartbreak so they can grow in greater self-love. To find out more about her and the work she does, please visit her site here.

Joanne here!

Heather, thanks for sharing your inspiring journey. I look forward to the launch of your children’s book and hope you will consider writing a memoir of your adventures.


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