Spotlight on Celia T. Rose

Celia T. Rose is sharing her writing journey and introducing her debut novel Dream Man. Welcome Celia!

Here’s Celia!

celiatrosepixAs a young child from the age of seven, I deemed myself the next short story horror, author and wrote themes inspired by Eagar Allen Poe. I have all of these stories in marble-composition books but they are unpublished. I went on to college, became a CPA and though not happily employed as such, I found my happy place as a loan officer. After the mortgage market bust, I decided to early retire and pursue the childhood writing dream once more. I’ll continue to write, probably for the rest of my life but have also decided to go back in business. My true writing passion is contemporary relationship fiction a genre name I dubbed to replace “chick lit” reason being the read isn’t just for women. I do enjoy writing romance but find it more challenging. I currently have a romance series under publishing contract written as Celia T. Rose and a contemporary relationship fiction contract written under Celia T. Franklin.



Felicity Burgess is no stranger to tough breaks in business and in love. And she deals with them very well on her own. She has no choice. After the sudden death of her parents, Felicity must support herself and her sister. She fights her way up the ranks at a local television network and directs her own-inspired teen reality show. Despite raving reviews, the network won’t give her the title or the pay of director. Or a shot at running with her new show.

Her sister is a trouble-bound teen and lands in a hospital due to a weather related car accident. While in the emergency waiting room, Felicity’s idol, Hollywood’s notoriously confirmed bachelor, film star, and entrepreneur walks in: Maxwell Marx. Felicity pitches her new reality show to him. Little did she know her life-long heartthrob would become her supervisor. Working close with Max, she sees a side to him no one knows. She wants to break down the barriers and reveal the man Max truly is but denies exists. She’s determined to break through, only she doubts he’d ever let her.

Max is happy with his carefree existence, much as the tabloids portray. He plays up to the role of the unattainable lady’s man better than any script he agrees to take. The façade works just fine until he meets Felicity who wows him with her new reality TV show proposal. So much so, he convinces his network executive buddy to take on the project. But Felicity also taps into something deeper in him. A place he’s purposely protected from any woman to penetrate. He enjoys Felicity’s company, and hopes to keep her at bay, yet she threatens to unravel his protective cocoon he spun out of the pain from his past. A pain he doesn’t intend to face again.

Should he stay in his safe world of single living or risk losing the one girl who could complete his life?


From the moment I delved into Dream Man, I was propelled into a fast-paced and intriguing story, one providing Hollywood insights and romance.
Well done!
Vicki Batman (Sassy Writer of Sexy and Funny Fiction)



Celia T. Lucente is a retired CPA and banker. Her work experience includes nine years as a public accountant and an internal auditor and seventeen years as a senior loan officer for a national bank. She’s currently a full-time writer of contemporary romance and women’s fiction aka “relationship fiction” and is now publishing her finished works under the pseudonyms of Celia T. Franklin and Celia T. Rose. Her first book, Having Fun with Mr. Wrong, in the contemporary women’s fiction series, Fun with Mr. Now, is under contract with The Wild Rose Press and her contemporary romance, Dream Man is now published with Soul Mate Publishing. She is a member of the RWA Contemporary Romance, RWA-WF, RWA Romance Critique Group and her local chapter of Space Coast Authors. She is a participant with several critique groups and CP’s and enjoys working on her craft by helping fellow writers.

Where to find Celia…

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