My Word for 2015

12082747_sThis past week, many of my online friends announced their words for 2015. While I had never participated in this annual exercise, I realized (much to my surprise) that I had inadvertently stumbled upon my own word for the year.

Toward the tail end of 2014, I encountered several personal and health challenges. My first responses were negative ones that fortunately did not linger beyond a day or two. I purposely chose to end the woe-is-me talk and steer clear of “whatever” or “It is what it is.”

Instead, my thoughts gravitated toward a different word, an old-fashioned word – ONWARD. The idea of moving forward, despite less-than-desirable circumstances, inspired me to consult other health professionals, tweak habits, and jump-start a prolonged writer’s block.

While many of my issues have been resolved, I have chosen to keep ONWARD as my go-to word for 2015, maybe even longer.


Have you selected a word for 2015?


15 responses to “My Word for 2015

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that there were some bumps on your path Joanne, but am delighted that you have safely navigated them. I hadn’t really thought about a word to use as a personal mantra for 2015, but I think “CLARITY” would work well. All my best, Tara

  3. Hi Joanne, I like your word and have often murmured or muttered it during difficult times. At the top of my goals for 2015, I put the word persevere. There is a Turkish saying, May your troubled times pass quickly, and I hope your personal and health problems are passing quickly. Eris

    • Hi Jo, As writers, we must also cultivate patience. We push to finish our manuscripts and then wait and wait to hear back from agents, editors, and publishers. Best of luck in 2015! Joanne 🙂

  4. Great word of the year! I love ONWARD.
    Mine is NICE….
    Nice, as in beautiful, pretty, wonderful….Nice, as in sarcastic (teen lingo)…Nice, as is a warning to ‘Be Nice’—that goes not only for my 3 teens, but for my 3 cats, adults and preschoolers in my life as well. Nice, as in a cup of hot tea and an entire quite morning to write. Onward and have a nice day:)

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