A Satisfying Life

Welcome to my Second Acts Series!

Today, we have Soul Mate author Janis Lane sharing a lifetime of experiences.

Here’s Janis!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrowing up: It’s an interesting thought to consider life having first, second, third, etc. acts. They’re the early days when I was growing up which included schools, proms, first kisses, learning to drive a car and a standard shift in a pick up, and skinny dipping once with my girlfriends. College and that sort of thing. Those were big changes as I left home really for good, only visiting after that. I wrote letters home and made them amusing.

Marriage and Babies: I had a few memorable adventures in my early marriage days. We moved around a lot initially, which I was eager to do. Life was a constant surprise and I was up for it. Hubby bought an airplane. Then came the beautiful baby girl and I wanted instant stability. I remember how puzzled my hubby was at the change in me. I thought he was weird not to understand. We planted ourselves in Western NY and there we welcomed a sturdy baby boy to go with our gorgeous little girl.

Years of Mothering: At the time they seemed to go on forever, but now it seems they were too fleeting. I wrote a bit. Seems I meant to do that when I majored in a few courses in college, but life was too interesting and I just couldn’t settle. The muse was knocking, but “…I hear ya knocking, but you can’t come in…” I painted, learned all about wild flowers, birds, nature, and how to be a Blue Bird leader and that seemed to subdue the urge to create. In between, I read tons of books from all sorts of genres and played an excessive amount of tennis. I earned this bum knee quite honestly.

Empty Nest: You think I’d sit down and write, don’t you? Nope. Freedom meant I could go with hubby and travel became an intense hobby. We made it a habit to “collect” art museums all over the country and quite a few out.

Beginning to Write: Then one day I sat down and started to write. I always meant to and the time seemed right. And I wrote, and I wrote, and I finished a novel. It was satisfying. I joined a local writers group and that was satisfying and illuminating. There were people like me!

I don’t know how long this writing bug will continue. So far I have more ideas than I can possibly get written and I have a lovely office all my own. I do know there is a deep urge in me to continue, some call it the muse, and some call it a creative talent. I call it having fun and living a satisfying life, which runs with hills and valleys but always interesting.

MurderintheNeigh_850 (2)


MURDER IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD is the first of handsome Detective Kevin Fowler Mysteries. MURDER IN THE JUNKYARD and THE GLASS CAT (a short story) are due out sometime in May.

Life in a peaceful neighborhood is turned upside down when middle-aged women are found dead on their front steps. Detective Fowler races the clock searching for the identity of a madman and is aided by that beautiful, home town, princess reporter, Beverly Hampton.

Where to find Janis…

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Joanne here!

What a rich and colorful life! Thank for sharing, Janis and best of luck with all your releases.


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  2. Thanks so much for the opportunity to guest blog, Joanne. It’s a unique idea. Perhaps you will guest blog on my website some day? Thanks again.

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