Oprah, Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams

marielhYesterday, Oprah welcomed Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams to Super Soul Sunday.

Having read several articles about the Hemingway curse, I was curious about the youngest grand-child of that famous clan. Growing up in a volatile home where her parents drank and fought constantly, Mariel spent most of her childhood cleaning up blood and glass. At age eleven, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and Mariel become her primary caretaker. Afterward, the dysfunction escalated. In total, seven family members took their own lives.

Determined to change these generational patterns, Mariel set off on her own spiritual journey, dabbling in everything from psychotherapy to holistic practices.

With her soul mate, Bobby Williams, she forged a spiritual partnership and found ways to lead a simpler life that is in rhythm with nature. Together, they co-authored Running with Nature.

Advice and Insights…

Hardest lesson to learn—Being present.

Every day is an opportunity to find ways—big and small—to transform ourselves.

Ceremony and ritual create mindfulness.

Start with a simple morning ritual. For Oprah and Mariel, tea is their morning ritual.

Approach the day with a sense of ease.

Inner peace can be found through movement.

Take advantage of the free prescription available from the following six doctors—Dr. Air, Dr. Sun, Dr. Water, Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Exercise, Dr. Rest.

Adventure is more than just light-hearted fun. It’s a spiritual practice.

Open yourself to something new. It could be as simple as trying a new fruit or vegetable.

Conduct a day review. Each evening, look at your life and make peace with it. Ask yourself—Was I kind? Did I accomplish what I wanted to do?

My soul is a place where I live in silence. Bobby Williams

My soul is my God connection. Mariel Hemingway


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