Oprah and India Arie–Part II


I’m so glad Oprah decided to continue the conversation with India Arie on today’s Super Soul Sunday.

At the young age of thirty-seven, the beautiful singer and songwriter has found that “sacred space of peace inside.” Glowing and radiating on screen, India openly discussed her remarkable journey of acceptance and surrender.

Losing money and losing her way in the music industry forced her to take a prolonged time-out. Only through prayer and meditation was she able to transform herself and restore emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Throughout the telecast, India and Oprah shared many wonderful insights that could easily serve as intentions or affirmations.

Let me be 100% guided by my soul.

Let me hear your voice and have the courage to follow.

You can stop at any time.

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.

It’s not just what you say. It’s how you show up.

Healing the world starts with you.

Prayer is where I know I can go and always be heard.

When you breathe and ask for calm, it always comes.

I have risked everything to tell the truth. Just tell the truth. (Maya Angelou)


4 responses to “Oprah and India Arie–Part II

  1. Belated thanks for another great “Cliff Notes” on a show I haven’t watched. A client this morning mentioned this program and I regretted I hadn’t at least made time to read your post yesterday!

    I’m happily imagining a world where truth-telling is honored. A lovely shift!

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