Book Review: Gone Girl

I have always wondered what would happen if two narcissists married each other. Would one narcissist dominate and succeed in out-manipulating the other? Could the relationship survive the common marital concerns about money, in-laws and parenthood?

In Gone Girl, Amy and Nick Dunne’s marriage collapsed long before their fifth wedding anniversary.  After falling madly in love, these two beautiful, dysfunctional people watched each other’s dark sides emerge as they suffered through job loss, financial difficulties and relocation to a small Missouri town.

On the morning of their anniversary, Amy disappears and Nick indulges in an endless series of lies, deceits and inappropriate behavior leading the police, townspeople and media to suspect him of wrongdoing. More chinks in his armor emerge as he follows the anniversary treasure hunt laid out by his wife before she disappeared.

The book alternates between Nick’s story and Amy’s diary, leaving the reader uncertain who, if anyone, to trust. Can we believe the town’s golden boy who disarms and charms with his smile? Is Amy, the alpha-girl perfectionist, really a victim?

Best-selling author Gillian Flynn leads us through a twisted, disturbing and sometimes horrifying path with this well-plotted thriller. While the ending is totally unexpected and somewhat anticlimactic, this book is irresistible.


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