Movie Review: One for the Money

It has been a while since I read Janet Evanovich’s  One for the Money,  but the storyline came back to me as I watched the film.  Katherine Heigl delivered an excellent performance as Stephanie Plum. I disagree with many of the critics who felt that Heigl was miscast in the role.  In a recent interview, Evanovich admitted that she would be thinking of Heigl when she writes her next novel in the series. And I am hoping that all her readers will have that same vision.

Debbie Reynolds and Sherri Shepherd were well cast as Grandma Mazur and Lula. Jason O’Mara played the part of sexy Joey Morelli who seduced and dumped Stephanie while in high school.

A quick summary of the storyline…

Desperate for cash, Stephanie Plum convinces Vinnie, her sleazy cousin, to give her a job as a recovery agent for his bail bonding company. Stephanie decides to take on Joey Morelli, his biggest bail-jumper.

Lots of action and humorous moments at family dinners.


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