Angels at AUTHORSdB

I’m always on the lookout for the “better angels of our nature,” so I wasn’t too surprised when I came across the angels at AUTHORSdB.


These angels help all writers–aspiring, traditional, indie–increase their readership and flourish in the global marketplace.

What is surprising?

It’s FREE!

As one of 3000+ members, I can…

• List all my books and social media sites in one location.

• Receive tweets from AUTHORSdB when I’m trending in social media, launching a new book or have news to share.

• Have the opportunity to be featured on the TOP100 list and Author Spotlight.

• Appear in the weekly Featured Authors section.

• Enter my cover in the annual contest.

• Qualify for the VIP Blogger Award and increase my Google page rank.

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