Discussion Questions: Too Many Women in the Room

1. How is the book’s title reflected in the plot?

2. One meal. That’s all it took to win the approval and endorsement of Gilda Greco. Can you imagine a meal that would compel you to write a check for six figures?

3. If you won a major lottery, which startups and/or non-profits would you endorse?

4. Were the motivations of the characters believable, or did their actions feel like a means to further the plot?

5. Who was your favorite character and why?

6. One of the subplots deals with Gilda’s older relatives and malocchio (evil eye). Were you surprised, amused, or annoyed by these scenes?

7. Did this book make you think about good and bad people? What conclusion did you reach?

8. What do you consider the most important aspect of a cozy mystery: action, characterization, dialogue, or setting? How does this book rate in each of these areas?

9. How effective is the author’s use of red herrings?

10. Did you figure out the identity of the murderer?