Between Heaven and Earth

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Head Angel Mark asks Frugalista, a superstar angel from the Depression era, to unretire and help the heavenly hosts deal with the lingering after-effects of the 2008 Recession. At first hesitant, Frugalista agrees and then transforms herself into Angelica DiMarco, an attractive fifty-something chameleon, ready to assume multiple roles, among them social worker, psychologist, elementary school principal, marketing executive, and nun.

During a four-month period, Angelica helps fourteen women sift through the wreckage of their lives. She embraces cell phones and BlackBerrys but gravitates toward a low-tech, high-touch counseling approach, knowing instinctively when to prod gently (and not-so-gently). Her support and encouragement empower these older, invisible women to acknowledge their circumstances, reopen lines of communication, and create their own miracles.

Some of the women featured in this collection of linked short stories…

After receiving a diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer, divorced and unemployed Greta Bannerman sinks into depression.

Seduced by a scoundrel, Kate Martino squanders her savings and tarnishes her reputation.

Facing eviction, ex-nun Carolina Davies grapples with poor impulse control and questionable financial decisions.

Socially isolated Nadia Popovich must deal with her husband’s worsening Alzheimer’s disease and a dwindling bank account.

After receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, newly retired Hannah Grant starts drinking and gambling .

On her deathbed, Elvira Malito realizes her last will and testament will create acrimony among her three surviving children.