Ending on the Right Note

This past summer, I read several books with unsatisfying endings. In one case, I wondered if the novel had been worth my time and attention. The author had started with a compelling opening, the characters were well-developed, and each chapter ended on a suspenseful note.

Where did she go wrong?

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2 responses to “Ending on the Right Note

  1. I read your post, Joanne. You are so right about a proper ending. A book I read this summer left me unsatisfied by its rushed ending, as if the writer was tired of it all and just wanted it done. The last 3 chapters were in the hero’s point of view. I wanted the heroine’s view as well and felt cheated.
    I remember the days where I would get so lost in a book I didn’t want it to end.
    Best of luck with your new mystery!

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