Plotter, Pantser or …?

Hundreds of books and articles have been written about the writing process. While it’s worthwhile to read some of this literature, it’s important not to become overwhelmed by all the information and advice.

When I first started my writing practice, I assumed I would be a plotter. After all, I was a left-brainer who had spent thirty-one years teaching mathematics and business education courses to adolescents. I focused on the articles devoted to plotting and attended workshops that featured authors who extolled that particular method.

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One response to “Plotter, Pantser or …?

  1. Definitely pantser. Very detailed character bios, then put them in situations and let them figure it our for themselves. My most beloved experience was a 7-year-old girl character whose only role was to appear, call the hero by the wrong name, then disappear. But she stamped her little foot and refused to leave. I had to revise whatever plan I had to give her a significant role in the rest of the novel.

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