Top 10 “Behind-the-Scenes” Facts About Betting On Love in Vegas

I’m happy to welcome Soul Mate author Stacy Hoff. Today, Stacy shares ten behind-the-scene facts about her new release, Betting on Love in Vegas.

Here’s Stacy!

Here are my top ten “behind the scenes” facts for my latest release, BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS.

1. My husband and I traveled to Las Vegas twice during our marriage (in the “before kids” era). We strolled up and down the Strip in awe of the many hotels. Since we grew up in New York City, we’re used to gawking tourists. It was odd for us to have the tables turned; we were probably the biggest gawkers in Vegas.


2. My husband and I ate at lots of hotels’ buffets. The feasts were heaven for our taste buds, but hell on our waistlines. We convinced ourselves that the weight we gained in Vegas would stay in Vegas. (Unfortunately, not the case.)

3. The Vegas Strip is an easy place to get around. There is a monorail system, plus buses and taxis. But the best way around is walking. Most of the hotels put on an elaborate street show, free to view. My favorite show was the Bellagio hotel’s “dancing” fountains. The water show was mesmerizing. I loved the fountains so much they appear multiple times in my story.

4. Of course, we wandered inside all the hotels, too. Walking through each hotel took us hours because there was so much to see. We saw everything from circuses (Circus Circus), to recreations of cities and countries (Caesar’s palace, New York New York, Paris, Monetcarlo), to pirate ships (Treasure Island). Being New Yorkers for most of our lives, New York New York hotel was our favorite.

5. BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS is my first go-around writing a book series from the very start. I decided on creating three stories, each being a stand-alone, yet connected by characters, industry (resort hotel construction), and soap-opera drama. The name of this new series is BUILDING LOVE.

6. The inspiration for my BUILDING LOVE series came from my childhood, watching the TV show “Dallas.” I hope people find my version of family secrets, lies, and scandals (with lots of steamy scenes) similarly addictive.

7. While the first two books of my BUILDING LOVE series are complete, book three is currently being written. It’s a fast writing pace to keep up. I don’t sleep much.

8. I chose a fun location for each of these stories. Book two (to be released October, 2017) takes place in the Caribbean. Book three takes place in Madrid, Spain. My trip to the Caribbean was about four years ago. My trip to Madrid just a few months ago.

9. I write best when I’ve actually visited the area I’m writing about. I’ve also been the to locations in my other books, such as the Everglades (DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES, DESIRE series Book #1), Saratoga, New York (JOCKEYING FOR YOU), and Hartford, Connecticut (LAWFULLY YOURS).

10. The only place I have not personally visited is the Arctic Circle’s Gates of the Arctic National Park, in Alaska. For DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC (DESIRE series, Book #2), I binged watched Alaska realty TV shows, and visited New york City’s American Museum of Natural History to see taxidermy versions of the animals I needed for my story.



Catherine “Cat” Warner has problems. The profits from her inns are down. The pressure from her parents is up. Her love life is non-existent. But Cat did manage to get the attention of tough, powerful, gorgeous hotel magnate Ty Orland. Unfortunately, his interest in her is for all the wrong reasons. Instead of wanting Cat, this debonair CEO only wants her land—a parcel he desperately needs for his next big development deal. Too bad, it’s not for sale. A people pleaser by nature, Cat knows to stand strong. If she caves in to the demands of this sexy, alluring man, it will be her own neck on the line.

Ty Orland has a lot of things going for him. Success. Power. Respect. Unfortunately, he’s also got an old chip on his shoulder and a new financial nightmare. His development deal is going down in flames—and fast. His only way out is if Cat sells him her strategically located parcel. But romancing the land from her is not easy when love gets in the way. The woman is as beautiful as she is beguiling. And Ty no longer knows which prize is more valuable.



stacey_cartoon_v2-2Stacy Hoff is a contemporary romance author, as well as an attorney. She has practiced law for over two decades, primarily handling contracts. Romance novels have always been her secret passion. She writes her romantic stories until the wee hours of the night. Stacy lives in New England with her husband and two boys.

Stacy’s full-length contemporary romance novels are: JOCKEYING FOR YOU, LAWFULLY YOURS, DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES (DESIRE series #1), and DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC (DESIRE series #2). BETTING ON LOVE IN VEGAS (BUILDING LOVE series #1) will be released 3/22/17. Book #2 in the BUILDING LOVE series will be released October, 2017.

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  1. I set several chapters of a book in a place that I’d only researched on the internet (Hay-on-Wye, Wales). Fortunately I got there before the book was published. NOTHING like I’d imagined. Had to do a lot of rewriting.

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