My Determination Paid Off

9188269_sI started to seriously “strut” my literary stuff five years ago. Excited about my first novel, I anxiously awaited input from a visiting author. That conversation is still etched in memory:

Visiting Author: “You’ve got an interesting storyline here. And I like how you’ve developed the female characters. But…

Me: Spill it. I can take it.

Visiting Author: Most of the characters are over fifty. You need to bring in a couple of young’uns. Create a sub-plot with the protagonist’s niece. Why not introduce a hot young’un as the love interest. Cougar protagonists sell books.

Me: What do you mean by young’uns?

Visiting Author: Characters in their twenties and early thirties. That’s what selling now.

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4 responses to “My Determination Paid Off

  1. I’m glad you stuck to your guns, Joanne. I think that one should write what’s in one’s heart rather than what someone predicts the market wants. Anyway, it’s a bit like predicting the future of stocks. I’m a boomer and love, love to read about characters my age. I’m sure I’m not the only one! I have your book on my kindle and almost finished it! 🙂

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