Reading eBooks Without eReaders

“Where can I buy your book?”


Friends have been asking this question since I announced the September 18th release of Between Land and Sea. When they learn that the initial release will be a Kindle and a print version will follow later, some of them are disappointed. Those who don’t own eReaders grumble about not being able to access all the books they want to read.

But there is a solution, one that is often overlooked.

You can read an eBook without an eReader.

Whenever I share this solution, I usually get skeptical looks. But after explaining several times, one friend suggested I write a post about reading eBooks without eReaders.

If you own a smart phone, Blackberry, iPad, laptop, desktop computer or any other electronic device and do not plan to invest in an eReader, read on…

If you already have an account with Amazon, go here to access the different devices. Click on the appropriate device and download Kindle. Test drive your Kindle by downloading free books

To set up an Amazon account, follow these instructions:

  • Visit Amazon’s homepage. If you live in Canada, go to Americans can access Amazon at Use the appropriate suffix for your country.
  • Select either “Sign in” or “Start here” at the top of the page. This will link you to the Sign-In page.   Enter your email address in the “My email address is” field. Since you do not have an account, select “No, I am a new customer.”
  • Click on the “Sign in using our secure server” button. You will now enter a page where you are asked for your name and email address. You will also be asked to enter and re-enter your password. Follow the usual rules for selecting a password: don’t make it too obvious and commit it to memory.
  •  Enter the Welcome page. Here, you can (if you wish) share your picture and other facts about yourself.
  • Go here to access the different devices. Click on the appropriate device and download Kindle.
  • Test drive your Kindle by downloading free books.




4 responses to “Reading eBooks Without eReaders

  1. Great post, Joanne! I’ve got the same looks from people, and I must confess, I was reluctant to get a Kindle. Now, I love it–plus, it’s much easier on the eyes than reading on a computer.

  2. I still think they should just pick up a used Kindle. I got a 2nd gen for $20 or so from my friend and it works like a gem.

    But you don’t even have them on demand with CreateSpace? Any reason why? Typesetting costs?

    • Hi Jae, Right now, the book is available only as an ebook. Later, a soft paperback will be available. As for my friends who prefer print, some of them have informed me that they are downloading the Kindle app primarily to read my book. Afterward, they will remove the app from their computers. Die-hard traditional readers!!
      Thanks for dropping by, Jae 🙂

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