Small Doses of Inspiration

While I enjoy attending motivational workshops and lectures, sometimes I need inspiration in smaller doses.

During my teaching years, I would pop my head in a neighboring classroom and chat briefly between periods. Those three to five minutes of conversation would be all that I needed to give/receive encouragement and support.

As a writer, I have to think outside the box if I want that small dose of inspiration. I could call a friend or family member, but the conversation could easily extend beyond five minutes. And after a lengthy telephone conversation…

I found the solution in the most unlikely of places—YouTube.

The following short clips keep me on track whenever I face a daunting task, receive one-too-many rejection letters, or simply need the kind of motivation that only David Bowie can provide.

Any other small doses of inspiration out there?


7 responses to “Small Doses of Inspiration

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  2. These are great, Joanne! I especially love the first one which gave me chills. I love when that happens! I associate chills with “truth” and bravely stepping forward does feel like truth to me. Thanks for sharing these.

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