According to the critics, Admission does not make the grade. “Stumbling” and “uninspired as a slice of boiled ham” were some of the descriptions tossed about in the reviews.

While I read the reviews and watch the trailers beforehand, I usually go with my mood when deciding which movie to see. In this case, I wanted a light and fluffy romantic comedy to offset the busyness of the holiday weekend.

And that is precisely what I got with Admission.

I love watching Tina Fey perform and was not disappointed with her portrayal of Portia Nathan, an admissions officer at Princeton University. Fey captures the nuances of the slightly obsessed Portia who spends her days visiting wannabe collegians and lecturing about the importance of an Ivy League education.

Portia’s personal life leaves much to be desired. She puts up with her domestic partner, an academic snob who prefers to read poetry to himself, and later defends him halfheartedly, “Sometimes you make sacrifices for the person you’ve been living with for ten years.”

Her not-so-perfect life is ready for an overhaul.

The snob dumps her for a smarter (but not prettier) colleague, and the director of a charter school (Paul Rudd) resurrects one of Portia’s secrets from the past.

I particularly enjoyed Portia’s scenes with her mother, Susannah. Lily Tomlin delivers a superb performance as the radical feminist mother who conceived Portia during a chance sexual encounter and subsequently forgot the man’s name. Living the life of an ex-hippie, Susannah does not hesitate to point out her daughter’s flawed choices or use her rifle to scare off aggressive suitors.

Light entertainment that hits the sweet spot.


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