One Year on Twitter

17428103_sIt’s hard to believe a year has passed since I joined Twitter. Looking back, I can only shake my head at all the excuses I gave for resisting social media.

It would take too much time.

What if no one followed me?

What would I tweet?

All my fears were short-lived. I was hooked after the first day and was amazed by the number of Twitter-worthy topics that emerged. I always had something to contribute from my favorite quotations to posts and articles about writing to inspirational chats…

Over the past twelve months, I have tweeted almost every day and encountered a new set of friends and interests. I have participated in a number of chats, among them #SpiritChat, #PoCchat, #PFWchat, #InspireChat and #LeadfromWithin.

My numbers, to date…

6509 tweets | 2146 following | 2472 followers

Chatting on Twitter

During my first month of Twitter, I did a lot of lurking. While I tweeted on a regular basis, I shied away from participating in the chats. To be truthful, I  found them intimidating. I tried to follow the flow of several concurrent conversations and wondered how anyone could keep up with the constant flow of information.  I had read somewhere that participating in a Twitter chat is like trying to navigate rapids while white water rafting. Not something that I’ve ever tried or even considered.

But after several weeks of lurking, I decided to jump into the conversations. I started with the #Leadfromwithin chat moderated by Lolly Daskall on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 p.m. Once I got into the flow, I didn’t find it that difficult to keep up with the others. I was able to join conversations and retweeted several times. I was also pleased when other people retweeted my tweets.

Since then, I have participated in other chats, among them #Blogchat, #Spiritchat and #BetheOne. Each chat has its own unique flavor and I look forward to these encounters in real time.

Some of the chats are well-structured and allow a few minutes for set questions. In each case, the moderator gently guides us along so that all questions are addressed in the sixty minutes. #Blogchat has a looser format. It is very much like a coffeehouse where everyone is discussing the same topic, but each table has a slightly different take.

Any other chat experiences out there?

My First Month on Twitter


At the April dinner meeting for Guelph Writers Ink, Cindy Carroll dared me to start tweeting.  While I had set up a Twitter account in November, I still hadn’t tweeted. I didn’t know where to start and  felt that first tweet had to be significant.  I also wondered if anyone would follow me. No one in my family or immediate circle of friends was tweeting. Would I be the only person on Twitter without any followers?

Cindy had heard my excuses before, but that night she decided to force my hand. She found my Twitter page and became my first follower. I hemmed and hawed and finally came up with a tweet.  As I join the world of Twitter, I keep in mind Nancy Thayer’s famous quotation: It is never too late, in fiction or in life, to revise.

The next morning, I discovered a second follower. I thanked her and tweeted five more times that day.  I was hooked! I started spending more and more time each day in Twitterville, reading other people’s tweets and responding to them. I welcomed all their replies and learned all about mentions and retweets. I discovered some interesting hashtags–#amwriting, #writing, #cozymystery, #leadfromwithin, #lifeclass, #quote–which I visit regularly. I also participated in several twitter chats.

Four weeks have passed and I am very pleased with my Twitter progress.

482 Tweets


703 Following